We are currently not able to provide this service anymore - Heroku deleted important free services without warning. Check back in the future.

Helium HNT CSV-exports of wallet events

Help us in our efforts

We are excited to provide this service for free, however, it does cost us money. We were therefore super delighted if you would help us continuing this service to the community. :)
Any money received goes a 100% to our non-profit organization "FIFU e.V." that promotes environmental protection. As long as the war is going on, we also use our donations to deliver aid supplies to people in the Ukraine. Thanks for donating and keep kind!
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Code remarks

Behind the scenes:
We use Heroku, Django and Redis-Queue to get the job done. This is why we send out the results via e-mail; the job gets processed once a worker is free. To avoid you watching your browser like a monkey, we like to send the results to you once available. This has the benefit of reducing our costs so we can keep this tool free of charge. We do not store, share or sell any of your information it's only held in memory until the job has finished. Get in touch via Discord: Official Helium Community: #hnt-tracker.

Our sources of information:
Wallet information: Helium API v.1
HNT -> USD: binance.us (listed: 2020-08-19) or Helium Oracle (listed: 2020-06-11)
HNT -> USDT: binance.us
USD -> FOREX: fixer.io
Logic of calculations:
HNT wallet events are retrieved from the Helium API with UTC timestamps. To then calculate the HNT into currencies (e.g., EUR, USD, USDT, JPY, GBP, ...) in the moment of the event (!!!), we use the date of the HNT wallet event and look up the last available USD prices for that UTC date! This is useful especially for tax matters as financial authorities typically accept daily closing prices as calculation basis. For target currencies other than USD, we use USD as "tie" currency. For example: for all HNT rewards of April 10th, 2021 (UTC timezone), the tool first extracts all HNT rewards of your wallet, looks up then the UTC closing price of HNT/USD (Binance or Helium Oracle) and USD/EUR (Fixer) to convert finally into EUR. For timezones other than UTC, we make sure the UTC daily closing prices are incooperated properly.

Logic of timing / timezones:
The Helium API, Binance and Fixer all give timestamps in UTC. For the downloadable file, we re-calculate those into your chosen timezone, accounting also for daylight saving times. :)
Furthermore, we update our prices database every 1 hour. This is useful for requests that include today.

Rewards: this mode takes the longest as every reward for the wallet is requested over Helium's API. Especially for wallets with mutliple hotspots, please refrain from submitting the same request more than once. Be patient and await our e-mail. :)

Costs: This mode lists all fees associated to your wallet actions (add_gateway, assert_location, payments fees, ...). Fees are given in DC (data coins), to convert them into USD we use: 100,000 DC = 1 USD. This could be used to reduce your taxable HNT income.

Payments: only those with status cleared are processed, failed and pending payments are omitted.

Balance: retrieved is the latest wallet balance as of now (Helium API v.1, wallet stats, last day, first entry), combined with the latest currency prices available to our backend (see Logic of timing / timezones).

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